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React mindee is a very opinionated JavaScript library that will help you build interactive canvas for computer vision detection use cases.#

There are many powerful JavaScript frameworks and tools that can help you make an interactive canvas. But almost all of them are low-level. Like KONVA is a 2d canvas framework. It is good, it is powerful. But you may need to write a lot of code.

This library was made for building frontend interfaces on top of Mindee document parsing APIs and more generally on top of any computer vision detection APIs.

NPM tests

ezgif com-video-to-gif (12)


  • Support for image and PDF files
  • Interactive shapes with events binding
  • Extensible styling API
  • Controllable state props and modular architecture
  • Zoom in and out feature out of the box
  • Magnified/Zoomed view API


The React SDK is compatible with React 16.8.0 +

Installation and dependencies#

The easiest way to use react-select is to install it from npm and build it into your app with Webpack.

npm install --save react-mindee-js@1.3.0

or using yarn

yarn add react-mindee-js@1.3.0


You only need an image and a list of shapes to get started.

import React from 'react'import { AnnotationViewer } from 'react-mindee-js'
import dummyImage from 'path-to-your/file.jpg'
const dummyShapes = [  {    id: 1,    coordinates: [      [0.479, 0.172],      [0.611, 0.172],      [0.611, 0.196],      [0.479, 0.196],    ],  },  {    id: 2,    coordinates: [      [0.394, 0.068],      [0.477, 0.068],      [0.477, 0.087],      [0.394, 0.087],    ],  },]
const data = {  image: dummyImage,  shapes: dummyShapes,}
function App() {  return <AnnotationViewer data={data} />}


  • data : include 3 properties. image file to draw in the canvas, shapes which expect a list of shapes andorientation of the provided image (default: 0)
  • onShapeClick : return the shape object after a click event
  • onShapeMouseEnter : return the shape object after a mouse enter event
  • onShapeMouseLeave : return the shape object after a mouse leave event
  • onShapeMultiSelect : return the selected shapes using (CTRL + MOUSE CLICK & MOVE)
  • options : object of properties to customize default configs
  • id : unique id, if not provided it will be automatically generated
  • style : style object to change container css properties
  • className : apply a className to the control

Browser support#

React mindee supports all recent browsers and works where React works. However, you may need check the SSR section.

Contribute to this repo#

Feel free to use github to submit issues, pull requests or general feedback. You can also visit our website or drop us an email.

Please read our Contributing section before contributing.


GPLv3 © mindee