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Server side rendering

If you're doing server side rendering, there's a good chance that the global window object or similar objects are going to be undefined because that is only something the client will understand.

You may need to use a library like loadable-components to execute your react-mindee code in the client.

Sample code#

import React from 'react'import loadable from '@loadable/component'
import dummyImage from 'path-to-your/file.jpg'import dummyShapes from 'path-to-your-shapes-file'
const AnnotationViewer = loadable(() =>  import('react-mindee-js').then((module) => module.AnnotationViewer))
const data = {  image: dummyImage,  shapes: dummyShapes,}
function App() {  return <AnnotationViewer data={data} />}